Day Care Project

MARCH 2019

In March the first period of the renovation was finished. The mayor and all employees of the day care invited us to say Thank You. We are glad that we were able to improve the kid’s quality of life so much with our resources.


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Just a few days after our first visit at the day care we came back with the contractor for a survey. With the donations we had the possibility to fix the biggest damages. In the first step of the restauration we focussed on the most important parts: The roof that had a leck was fixed, the whole building got a new paint and the sanitary was repaired.

In the second phase we plan to build a new fence and roofed inner courtyard.


Only a few kilometers away from our R&D Farm the local day care is located. On our first visit the employees showed us the building with all its
damages and defects.

We have immediately commissioned a contractor and will now start to renovate the day care step by step.